DESIGNOSIS is a digital workshop and thinktank. Our team hand-crafts modern, enterprise-grade web applications and data processing pipelines.

We discover and create elegant technical solutions for people and organizations.

Web Applications
Design & Development

DESIGNOSIS is a full-stack development house, adept in every aspect of the development cycle:

  • Needs Assessment + Project Planning
  • Prototyping + Focus Testing
  • Front-end + Responsive Design
  • Back-end Development + Code Optimization
  • QA + A/B + Penetration Testing
  • Performance Metrics + Analytics
  • Server Deployment + Scaling

Our team is trained in both front-end human interface guidelines and back-end design patterns. We utilize both relational SQL and lighting-fast NoSQL databases. We deploy on both public cloud servers and ultra-secure network operations centers. We ongoingly study and maintain strict security and authentication standards, encrypting data and exploit-proofing our code. Not one of our systems has ever been hacked. We develop mission-critical applications, where downtime is not an option. And we know a thousand subtle ways to keep visitors engaged.

Information Systems
Strategy & Deployment

Information Systems are a means to an end. More often than not, they introduce needless complexity, adding friction to their users' workflow. DESIGNOSIS avoids this by building its solutions in accordance with the three Vitruvian principles:

From macro (business requirements) to micro (user interactions), we maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. We streamline processes, making them elegant, seamless and rewarding. They become second nature, a logical extension of their users thoughts, and vibrant participants in the pulse and flow of your business.

Languages & Frameworks

DESIGNOSIS is passionate about efficient solutions and water-tight code. We swim in the matrix, building frameworks and APIs from scratch. And with 20 years of experience in web development, we have the upper hand in assessing trends and assimilating useful technologies. Our favorite tools include:

User Experience
Analysis & Design

User Experience (UX) is a multidisciplinary practice, whose research and strategy influences Marketing, Technology, and Customer Service. The goal of UX is to improve how people interact with organizations, products and services. These interactions should be as intuitive, efficient, and delightful as possible.

What sets DESIGNOSIS apart is our holistic approach: We are mindful of UX at every stage of development. We've seen how, given enough latitude, UX design can positively influence the mood of an entire organization.

Buckminster Fuller described it well: "If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking."

Process Architecture
& Integration

Organizations are a symphony of people performing in harmony towards a common goal. Every section has its own instrument, and all eyes are on the conductor's baton. So it is with business processes: Many moving parts, all performing in harmony.

  • Marketing and Sales Tools (eCommerce)
  • Customer Relation Systems (CRM + SFA)
  • Asset and Inventory Management (ERP + SCM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

DESIGNOSIS is a bespoke atelier. We hand-tailor solutions for your entire organization, keeping your troupe on point, in tune, and playing beautifully together. Our needs analysis process is, in a word, empathic. We discover assumptions and introduce exciting alternatives. We create simulations, dismantle and reassemble concepts, refine logic and smooth edges.

The Team
Who, What, Where

DESIGNOSIS is a collection of developers from Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The team is managed by Niko Sluzki. Born in Buenos Aires, Niko was schooled in the U.S. in both programming and design. His formative years were spent in prestigious ad agencies, developing web campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. For almost 25 years, he has studied and applied the integration of business, design, and technology. He has managed and developed projects for many well-known brands, including:

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