Niko Sluzki

Niko Sluzki

Freelance CTO

Niko Sluzki is a creative technologist, lateral thinker, project strategist, full-stack engineer, and digital surgeon. Born in Buenos Aires, he was schooled in the U.S. in both programming and design. For almost 25 years, he has studied the integration of business, design, and technology – across a wide spectrum of industries – as a systems and process architect, Corporate IT Solutions consultant, interaction specialist, and application developer / programmer.

For many years, he directed the web division in a prestigious ad agency, taking lead on multi-million dollar web campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Amazon, Citibank, United Airlines, and Mitsubishi. He worked alongside major advertising players, identifying marketing opportunities and crafting unique marketing strategies.

His passion is designing and building modern, Enterprise-grade web applications and data processing pipelines – any kind of data, any scale, any type of interaction – including:

  • Bespoke eCommerce solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM + SFA)
  • Asset and Inventory Management systems (ERP + SCM)
  • Authentication / Access systems
  • Secure, redundant, scalable NOCs and cloud servers
  • Custom APIs and frameworks

From concept to completion, he has a track record of success with assessing situations, building effective teams, identifying problems, demonstrating solutions and implementing decisions. Insatiably curious and capable, his hacker’s mind excels wherever its lens is focused. Among the hats he wears:

  • Futurist – Part anthropologist and part digital analyst, he grasps how all the major technologies interplay. He has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business, marketing, and culture, and understands the big picture – from systems to aesthetics to architecture – while being immersed in the real world, identifying real problems worth solving.
  • Digital Marketer – Offline, he spent ten years hands-on in Hollywood studios, engaged in every aspect of film production and post-production. Online, his expertise includes email marketing, branding, content strategy, prepress, A/V content creation, social media engagement, customer relation management (CRM), search engine optimization (SEO), marketing analytics, funnel automation, and business strategy.
  • Full-Stack Engineer – Front-end and back-end development, team product development, DBA. Specialist in designing and deploying highly secure and scalable servers. Can visualize and implement ideas quickly, and using the right tools.
  • Information Architect – User Experience (UX) design, Customer Experience (CX) optimization, interaction design, wireframing, usability testing, customer journey mapping, affinity mapping,
  • Data Scientist – Machine learning, big data, statistics, data visualization, and physical computing integrations. A consummate puzzle solver, he effectively distills abstract concepts into discrete actionable objects.
  • Security Specialist – He has protected, with 100% success rate, his private, government and enterprise clients' customers' privacy and cybersecurity, implementing measures that vastly exceed all HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance requirements.
  • Artist – Years of motion graphics creation for film evolved into a lifelong hobby of visceral, visual VJ and 3D projection mapping, creating cohesive aesthetics and ambience for performances, installations, and events.
  • Adventurer – He has built fiberoptic-networked management systems for rainforest eco-smart-villas. He spelunked in Borneo, and SCUBA'd in nearly every ocean. He studied with leather crafters and wood sculptors in Bali, and lived aboard a pirate junk for a summer while crafting hemp rigging for sailboats. He participated in Burning Man 7 times during its early years. He has spent 100 days sitting perfectly still in Vipassana meditations.
  • Multilinguist – He speaks English, Spanish, Indonesian, Dovahzul, silence, over a dozen programming languages, and half a dozen musical instruments.

Throughout his life, he has travelled the globe, pursuing inspiration and interesting projects, working with corporations, agencies, governments and nonprofits alike. With his diverse range and experience, he can assemble and orchestrate highly agile, motivated and capable teams to fulfill the most dynamic of needs.